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By Fred Dahmer


Caddo was... a home to the peace-loving Caddo Indians, a haven for outlaws and other exiles from civilization, and a highway for lucrative steamboat traffic. Caddo Lake is...a rich, natural heritage that current residents safeguard for generations yet to come.

In this popular book, first published in 1988, longtime Caddo resident Fred Dahmer vividly describes the history, colorful characters, natural beauty, and poetry of this large, cypress-strewn, moss-hung, mysterious body of water that stretches from northeastern Texas into Louisiana.  Wonderfully evoking the spirit of Caddo Lake, his book is a "Must read" not only for the visitors of the lake but also for anyone who cherishes our last vanishing wilderness areas.

Fred Dahmer was a lifelong conservationist and a leader in the fight to preserve Caddo Lake as a place of natural beauty.  He lived in Uncertain, Texas making the shores of Caddo Lake his home and passion until his death in January 2001.



" My belief is that he knows more than anybody else alive about this mysterious, unique, and beautiful natural region.  I could be wrong about that but I doubt it...When Dahmer says a thing about his lake, you can go and put it in the bank because it's true."

- Leon Hale


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